This is a very good cover. Solid technique (alternate picking especially, this song is a pain in the ass when it comes to that) However at 2:14 and after, it would be more awesome if you added some vibrato to your soloing.

All in all, much respect. Wasn't expecting the sound quality to be like this, but it is also a nice surprise as compared to other youtube vids of people covering this. Keep it up.
My only issue is that you didn't start it by going 'Technical difficulties!' in a funny little voice like Gilbert does in his Youtube version
hey paul,
i don't know much about guitar like how to play guitar etc etc , but i really liked your this video guitar sound is really amazing this is so touchy i will just say to you good luck for future and keep it up i hope someday you will become a great guitarist.

Gilbert AZ Locksmith
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So, this is actually my first time to record myself playing and I decided to uplaod it on youtube...

please enjoy...

comments and critics are welcome...

and C4C also....


Very clean playing and it also sounds like you put your own touch to the song. I like it.