I used to practice for around an hour or two a day when I first started and got fairly decent. However lately I have not played nearly as much as a used to, maybe an hour a week if I'm lucky due to schooling and learning piano also. I would like to get back to playing more, but I don't really know where to start. I kind of feel boxed in with the same chords, scales, techniques, etc. What would you suggest for getting back into it?
play guitar as much as you can, everyday if it's possible...

my guitar teacher ever said that it is better to practice guitar 30 minutes a day than 7 hours a week.

I also have to go to school and do other tasks outside school. But I will and MUST find a spare time to play guitar. Even if it is early in the morning or even late at night...

in the end, it's just a matter of determination to play guitar....
Try balancing your technical stuff with some actual music, perhaps some Etudes as they'll do double duty of both improving your technique and being passable pieces of music.

Leo Brouwer, Gerald Garcia, Heitor Villa Lobos etudes are among my favourites, but there are loads more out there.
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learn music by ear

don't think of music as chords/techniques/scales - think of it as music. think of it as cohesive sounds.

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