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I want to buy an interface to record guitar covers to post on Youtube. I plan on recording the dry guitar signal into my DAW to use LePou amp plugins and impulse responses. Currently, I can get a decent sound with my Line In on my PC. But does anyone know how much of an improvement a Pod Studio GX or Guitar Port would be? I can't get tones as good as other people on Youtube using the Line In. I plan on saving up for a better interface for the future, but I won't have the money by this Thanksgiving or Christmas... the only free time I'll have to play until summer. Here are some clips both recorded through line in:

1. (Disregard the backing track. The lead is the only part I recorded)


2. Bridge pickup (Can you tell me how diminished the dry signal is from using my line in?):

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Not a big enough difference, honestly. I'd just wait until you get a better interface this summer. Also, make sure to tune/intonate your guitar... gotta get everything sounding good at the source!
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