If i might offer some constructive criticism dude:

It seems tight and nicely put together, but you might benefit from some sort of change of dynamic here and there, be it vocally or riff wise.
There's some good riff work in there, but it's all kinda a bit same paced - the reason band like Dying Fetus etc sound so devastatingly heavy is because of the change between the fast and the slow bits. The same can be said vocally between the low grunts and the higher pitched black metal style screams.

anyways, it's just my two pence worth, and like i said there's some good stuff in there, so keep smashing away at it...
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Great comment man! Really appreciate the criticism you gave. We're definitely gonna try and mix things up more for the full length later on. Keep those comments coming people!
We released the full EP, "War Upon The Modern Age" today on our band camp page. Go give it a listen and share it with your friends if you enjoyed it!


We have a lot of other new surprises coming soon so stay tuned.
Check out the first review of "War Upon The Modern Age", by Two Guys Metal Reviews, here. If you would like them to review one of your bands releases, get in touch with them in their thread right here.
Thanks a lot man, glad you enjoyed it! We're getting some small tours together for this summer, hopefully we can come play in Canada sometime soon.
We are pleased to announce Dylan Edmon as our new permanent drummer! He will be taking over on all future shows and releases with Left To The Wolves. We are extremely excited to have him on board!