I'm interest in picking up an ESP M-II, I've found one in my area being sold used. My main problem is this, as with many other LTD's I've owned, is that I find the volume knobs to be way to close to bridge pickup for my liking, and I constantly hit it at inopportune times rolling the volume down.

In the past with several LTD's I've rewired them placing the volume pot where the tone control would be and opting to go without a tone knob and just one volume and the toggle. The M-II doesn't have the tone control to allow this.

So my question is what would it entail to add a new volume knob away from the bridge pickup? I'm not overly experienced in doing a mod like this, would this be something I can do or would it be better left to a professional?

Here is a link to the guitar on ESP's site

I gotta admit, I'm not seeing how you're hitting that volume knob. you should be hugging the bridge and picking inbetween pickups. it's really no closer than a strat.

Just remove the back control cavity plate, drill a new hole and move it. Simple fix if it's giving you that much hell. of drill a hole behind it, put the volume in the hole you drilled and place a pot and nob in the original hole that isn't wired to anything.
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