I'm currently a technical manager in a theatre and I was advised that I buy a ground lift for one of the stereo inputs on our desk which is generally fed from a laptop with cuing software as a slight buzz can be heard when a laptop is charging.

I did a slight bit of research and all I could find was people saying that there's no way a laptop would require a ground lift whilst others argued otherwise; none actually suggested an item.

Anyhow, any ideas?
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i have never heard of a ground lift being needed for computer either. are you getting unwanted noise*? is all the equipment being plugged into the same outlet?

edit: i see you're getting noise when the laptop charges... dunno if a ground lift is gonna help ya. i was worried more about the other equipment. most people won't notice 'a little noise'
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No it's not all plugged into the same outlet. One other thing that was mentioned was our induction loop, I can't remember what was said about it though...
What you most likely need is this:

Does it make extra noise when you move the mouse and such? I had issues with noise on my laptop, as did another UGer a whie back, and this solved the issue. I have no clue why, as I'm no electrician, but it works.