So I found a guitar on craigslist that has caught my eye.

Unfortunately I have never heard of the brand before. It's called RavenWest Guitars.

Heres a link This guitar.

Looks nice. Set neck. I'm a HUGE sucker for purple quilt. Right number of frets for me. Nice shape.

There arent any pics of the headstock and that always scares the shit out of me.
The Website for these guitars is sortof a pain in the ass to navigate as well. I'm not really sure what I'm looking at.
Here's the site I found.

Anyone have any info? I'm mostly concerned with the quality. For $300 I'm not expecting a whole lot but I would love to be pleasantly surprised .
I really like the look of PRS style guitars with proper TOM's.
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I don't know where they are made, but if it's in Korea $300 would be about average. If it's made in China or Indonesia, it's probably overpriced.
The company phone number indicates it is located in San Gabriel, CA...but that doesn't mean much- Tradition Guitars is headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, and all of their guitars are made in Korea and Indonesia, depending on model level.

A little looking around tells me that RWG started off being called Raven and made in the USA, then after an ownership change, in Korea. Reviews of the Korean ones have been uniformly good. According to some, they are now made in China. The Chinese ones have gotten decent reviews, but not as good as the Koreans.

You could always ask them...
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How do you think it would compare to a Schecter Damian FR?
I personally regret buying a FR, but the Schecter Damian is a terrific guitar regardless. If both these guitars sounded exactly the same, I would choose the Raven, mostly because it looks cool as hell.
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From what I've been finding out they seem to be much in the same vein as Agiles, if not a tier lower. I don't think I'm going to get it. Something tells me I'm just considering it because of the quilt.
Look at the RWG Girls section. I love how they grabbed random bikini shots from the 90's for their "girls"
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