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Due to the closing of my previous thread, I have opened another to discuss the HBO Series Boardwalk Empire. So far I'm through Episode 5 of the first season. It's a pretty bomb-ass show. What do you guys think of it.

If this gets shut down I promise not to start any new threads for the night. Much love.
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Lol anything worth discussing would be a spoiler for you.

Good show.
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I don't think you should be making a topic asking for discussion of a show balls deep into its third season if you've only seen 5 episodes, especially if you don't want it spoiled for you.
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"What do you guys think." is a statement, and not a question, so I don't feel obligated to answer constructively.
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awesome show.
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Jesus christ if you honestly think what I said was a spoiler and not obvious references, I feel sorry for you.

Was it Fargo? Do I get a prize?
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Was it Fargo? Do I get a prize?

Yeah you get.. um... another reference.

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Quote by Pagan_Poetry
Jesus christ if you honestly think what I said was a spoiler and not obvious references, I feel sorry for you.

Two seperate Coen brother's referances in one smooth sentence, well played sir.
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Seen two episodes of the first season, I really like Michael Pitt in it. He was great in Funny Games too. I have tried to watch the rest of it but the only stream available has been dubbed in Russian, the rest are removed because of copyright
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Terrific show. 11th episode of season 2 goes down a little weird, though, both in content and how it was filmed.
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season 2's finale left me starstruck, now I have to wait till I can download the third season
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I had a hotel on Boardwalk, bankrupted all the other players.
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