first off, i have a fender roc pro 1000 head.. its a hybird amp meaning its a solid state head with a singal pre amp tube for overdrive.. last night a friend and i were jammin out when all of the sudden my amp craps out... the vol cut very bad and the tone went.. i tryed everything but changing the tube so far.. when we were jamming it was on the clean channel with a pod 2.0 goin straight in to the amp.. i first checked the pod and after turning the vol all the way up it cuts out completely.. i then just plugged the guitar straight into the amp and still didnt fix the problem..so apperantly its the head.. even though i wasnt using the overdrive channel on the head can the tube still burn up or is this possibley somthing else???
Have you looked at the tube? A blown tube usually has some blackening, a cracked one... is cracked.

Not sure if this would cause a volume/tone issue