Ive noticed so far that there are 2 possible positions for my hand while bending or strumming or playing anything: Natural straight and Upwards bent.
Natural straight is when the hand and the arm are in a straight line, and the plam doesnt touch the guitar neck.
Upwards bent is when the hand is bent backwards(in a 110 angle) while the palm embraces the guitar neck(like its "hugging" the neck").

Which Hand postion is right when playing guitar? Are they both good in certain situations? My hands are quite sore and i want to know im not developing bad habits.
Your wrist should always be at a relatively neutral angle and really your palm shouldn't touch the back of the neck at all.

There are more positions than you've accounted for; there are so many variables in where your hand is positioned relative to the neck.

Watch this:


That should just about cover it I think.
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