You try and sing like Curt Cobain is what you do wrong
If you have never checked out the Wood Brothers. Do yourself a favor and look them up. Best. Band. Ever.

First off it's Kurt, not Curt. But yeah your probably pushing too much and using your throat for rasp, which is not something you want to start off with. Instead of forcing it, sing to the best of your abilities as you normally would, and work on the rasp at home where you aren't expected to continue throughout a practice. So work on it at home and sing plain at practice, at least until you can make a full practice, and google some tips for it.
Learn to sing well without forcing your vocals too.

Edit: Not saying to quit using rasp, I'm just saying you don't need to attempt to destroy your voice before you even get how it works.
Don't use that rasp unless you know what you're doing. This may lead to permanent vocal damage if done frequently, and you may need a surgery to fix it.

This guy may be helpful:

Some say that in order to have a raspy voice or scream it has to hurt and there's no other way, needless to say I'm not on their side.
Exercise your voice? Talk a lot, sing, drink lots of water etc. Just the general basic stuff.
Theres a right and wrong way to sing with rasp or grit. Im not aware of the technique but a guy like Ken Tamplin teaches it among other vocal coaches. Also, are you drinking water before and after you sing? Water is a must if you sing rock. Also, warming up your voice is very important, aswell as warming down your voice. I suggest talking to a vocal coach with expertise in rock singing, or if your willing to shell out the cash you can get Ken Tamplins vocal program.
You're probably yelling man. That's not correct vocal technique even for rock. It doesn't have to hurt. First of all do you have a solid general vocal technique? If not start there. You won't see great results otherwise.

Remember proper distortion is just an EFFECT. I suggest you add it later on, don't start from there. It is kinda analogous to a guitar amp. You can have distortion and clean sounds at the same volume. You don't need to push the speaker until it starts farting and distorts because of the volume. Now I'm not saying you won't eventually get louder. I'm simply saying this will be a byproduct of correct support and not your main goal.

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Kurt Cobain is NOT the type of singer you want to model your voice after. If he was alive now, I'm pretty damn sure his voice would be completely ruined by now. Try to get a similar sound the proper way.

That's probably true. Truth is a lot of rock singers end up having surgery on their vocal cords. I consider singing rock one of the hardest things you can sing.
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