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Hey guys, in this pawn shop in glasgow i spotted this very nice looking BC Rich it had red binding on the body and the neck it also had these diamond shaped inlays, it had like covered pickups like a dark chrome cover, it also had one of those widow headstocks, it was only £120 so i want to know if its a good one and worth the money!
Thanks pit!
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What shape was it? Was it a V? Sounds like a Jr. V Icon but I'm not sure(BC Rich tends to make series for each of the shapes, so, like, the Virgo and Virgin don't come in WMD, the Mockingbird doesn't come in Celtic, the Warlock doesn't come in ST and so on, so forth). The Jr. V doesn't seem to be a terrible deal for 120 pounds, it's got an EMG and it's neck-thru. The most important thing to check is the neck joint, if it's bolt-on I'm not sure I'd go with it, the bolt-on ones are generally the low-end ones(the Platinums aren't terrible though, for 120 that's not terrible).
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Was it this?

Pup could easily be an aftermarket if it was used.
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it was a warlock or warbeast cant exactly remember haha! it had two chrom covered pickups they werent EMG's.
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I do own a Warlock 'Metal Master Blade'. It's one of the lower end guitars they made, but still kicks ass. The stock pickups are said to be crappy, but I find them to be pretty suitable to my style. Very growling, not too much high, handles low tunings very well! Have mine strung up with 12-70 GHS Low Boomers, tuned to B (doesn't get much higher than that) and it's become a ****ing monster.

Only thing is that the Widow-headstock gets chipped very easily (my brother hit it to a wall and now there's some chunks out of it) but oh well, nice guitars overall.
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There are Chrome EMGs....
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most likely could be black plastic fake passive looking covers over regular pickups, Cheap bcrs came with those at some point. I had one. look for a 9 volt battery.

Diamond inlays were usually nj models or a mid level guitar or an old platinum bcr by class act.
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