I have a fender CD60 acoustic and I'm looking to get a Martin LXME/LX1E after Christmas (subject to the green link in sig) but for now I'm looking to put a pickup in the CD60.

Was wondering how easy it'd be to do... The tail strap button is a push-in one so it seems there's already a hole drilled for an input jack!

But I'm fully aware some pickups lay under the bridge (good song that...) while some are in/over the sound hole.

What would be easier to fit? And what would be cheaper.

If I can't do it ie if it involves more than a screwdriver and some patience then I have a luthier down the road, how much would it cost do you think for someone else to do it??

(I am fully aware that the answer may well be "more than the guitar's worth" but for now that's beside the point as I will be keeping the guitar.)

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The sound hole PU
Sound good and mo'natural?
I suspect an acoustic mic inside and a bridge/link fader to a piezo under the bridge.

The electro-magnetic sound hole PU will sound more like an electric; while the other options, either individually or blended, will sound like the actual guitar...just amplified

I tried/have a Markley sound-hole PU. Yep! It makes both of my acoustics sound like electrics. You could stuff the body ful of old socks and muffle the sound entirely and the sound coming out of the amp would be virtually the same. I have a chinee Peavy that has their piezo and HBs. The peizo alone is awful bright. Blended with the HB's can and does fill the sound out nicely.
I would suppose that a (rather spendy!) internal mic PU inthe body of an acoustic would be a lot closer to the natural sound of a good mic'ing, without the associated problems of staying exactly in one place Add the piezo to that to brightenn it up some iff'n ya want/need.

While it *may* be more than the CD60 is worth, ya can always use the set up on something else. Ya might wanna make yer next purchase a good quality and sounding straight acoustic and use the new mic/PU system on it instead of finding a decent rig with a good system already installed.

BTW... no problem w/a CD60 if it plays well for ya and sounds good to suits yer tastes. This from a long time owner of a CD140/12 and a CD 100/6, so I might be biased Mostly it's the player, not the instrument.

cheers Paul

will consider all things and never thought about taking it out again when i get a better guitar.... might well do that!

at the moment it's looking like a piezo under-saddle thingamajiggy is what i'm gonna go for, i've heard 'Fishman' are good, anyone got any other recommendations???
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