Hey guys! I haven't posted much in about a month because I've been busy on this!


It's a bit different to my other stuff because I thought it'd be cool to end my EP on something really memorable. None of this is set in stone, which is why I'm coming to you guys to give me some help to point some things out that I might not see or hear.

Anyway, I'm playing all the instruments (drums are MIDI) and I did all the mixing and stuff myself. The audio clips in a few places, but I have already fixed that.

Please give me a hand here guys! Leave something for me to look at too because I'm bored as hell and love listening to new things
This is different. Some of the chords/chord progressions sound conventional, other parts sound pretty bizarre & warped. Perhaps you were going for some occasional dissonance, though at times it sounds like the guitar is out of tune. I prefer the more conventional aspects/parts of the song. I do like certain riffs & leads in the song (reminds me of Aerosmith in a few spots, this is a compliment). Bass & drums sound good. Please review my music at this link:

thanks for checking out my track.
listened to ur song. its different, not sure what to think of it. it doesnt feel like an instrumental song to me, could use some vocals. i think the drums could improve at some parts like wher it isnt doing an actual beat. would really have to listen a few times to critique it properly. the mix could use some work, the bass sounds like it is direct and without an amp. needs something. thers some good ideas, i just think it needs work.
Thanks for listening to my song, glad you liked it (especially the ending, I've always been a bit skeptical of it myself!)

Now for your song, for the most part I really liked it. In my head it sounds like the sort of thing that would be played at the end of a film to a montage of everything finally going right for the protagonist. Does that make sense?

The guitars sounded great, the pacing was spot on and you made good use of dynamics. Also liked the weird noises (reverse guitar?).

If I were to be picky I'd say that the guitar about 30 seconds (I might be wrong on the timing but it was near the beginning) in sounds a bit out of tune and the song should have ended before it actually did. I think the quiet bit at 3.45 should have just continued and faded down to a close.

Cheers, hope that helps
Thanks everyone! Sorry it's taken me a while to get around to replying haha

Aaron - Thanks Yeah, the problem with the guitars sounding out of tune I think was the chorus effect I was using. I think I'd over done it a tiny bit so it was warping the whole thing out a tiny bit. I will re-record it I think, just to make sure it's all in tune.

Ryan - Yeah, the mixing does need a bit of work. I've been playing for about 2 years, and been recording/mixing and making songs for about 3 months so I've got a long way to go yet! I'll work on it though

Weorge - Thank you! Yeah, this track is meant to be the last one on my EP to close it all, I'm glad that you picked up on that! What you described was pretty much the exact theme I was going for! Also the weird guitar noises were just me working the volume knob on my guitar. It's the first time I'd even tried doing it and I think it worked great And yeah, I think you're right with the ending. The fade-out idea sounds great and I think I will try work that in for the final version!

Thanks a lot everyone!
Thanks dude! Glad to hear you're interested in my EP Yes, that was a terrible little sweep in there lol
This is pretty good I think. Though I know what you might be having trouble with here and its the same thing i had trouble with when I started out recording and mixing my own work: Keeping things simple. There is a lot going on here all at once, but my philosophy is: quantity does not always equal quality (meaning, the more you have going on in a song doesn't always make it sound even better, sometimes just more busy.) The ears are listening trying to sort out what everything is doing and while its trying to sort it all out, it can take away from the listener just enjoying the song itself without having to sort everything out. If you were to decide to re-sort things to make it more simple, I would leave it up to you as to exactly how.

Moving on, I think the mix could use some more track leveling and some EQing (or some adjustment on the EQing?), to bring the guitars down just a bit and try to get things to blend a bit better. Remember the guitars tend to sit in the center of the frequency range most of the time, so you can have other instruments give a little bit of room for these frequencies in their EQ'ing for them so they are not battling it out in the mix. If done properly, the guitars should be able to sit in the mix without having to be too loud. I'm not sure how much of this you already know or not or what of it is already being utilized, so if any of it is, maybe it just needs to be adjusted.

I would most definitely have to say though, I actually really do love the composition! It has a great deal of imagination and feeling to it! It actually has a personality and everything which I give you big props on! Good job!