So I just started singing and playing guitar. I had guitar lessons for about 2 years and I have been playing for a little over 5. I had about 2 months of singing lessons but I didn't have any money to continue with them. People never seem to be critical enough when it comes to telling me how I sing. I want an honest opinion from all of you.

Do you think that I can sing?
If so, do you think that I should sing in a band?
Please let me know what you guys and girls think. I would love to know.

Here is my youtube channel. Check it out and listen to some covers that I have posted.

[forbidden link]

If the link doesn't take you to the correct page, my username is neverhadtalent.
No pun intended.
well... you're a better singer than i am. keep in mind that this critique is coming from someone that sings like he's raping a chicken....
i'm not familiar with the songs but it seems to me that you are trying too hard on the vocals. if you just go with the song and not against it by showcasing the vocals you'll settle into it and let the song be itself.
turn the camera off, sit back and relax and try recording just the song itself. don't worry about the video.
Quote by stepchildusmc
i'm not familiar with the songs but it seems to me that you are trying too hard on the vocals.

agreed. too hard on the vocals. makes you sound emotionless cos you dont have that much variation in tone throughout the song due to you singing too hard. try injecting some air into your voice (slight whisper-y type of tone in your voice), as well as focusing on a single point when you're singing. your singing is slightly "fragmented", as my choir teacher would say. your voice sounds a little stressed too...relax a little but other than what i have mentioned above, you can sing pretty well
Sounds really nice considering you haven't been playing that long. Really nice voice actually.

In order to get extra support, feedback and motivation with your playing, plus earn some money from tips, you could play on the live music streaming site Justjamit (http://www.justjamit.com) - I'd come and watch you definitely, well done.

You don't really sound bad but as others have said it looks as if you're trying too hard. It's also easy to tell because when you breathe you lift your shoulders, which means you're breathing incorrectly (and probably tensing your throat too much, at risk of damaging it)

I suggest you look for Arceneaux's videos; while a bit ridiculous, a lot of his exercises are very good for proper breathing and a few other things.

Edit: Another approach to proper breathing is this: Look at yourself in a mirror and breathe deeply and see how your thorax moves. Then, lie in bed, as if you were going to sleep and breathe in and out and try to figure out the difference. The latter is how you should be breathing for singing.
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