I am a Female vocalist/ bass player. Seeking drums and Guitar. My goal is to meet & play music for a short term or long term project- with people who are fully devoted to the project, rehearsals and performances for as long as it lasts, as agreed. I feel that 3 people with similar tastes & enough chemistry can, and should start a band with no expectations too specific about the musical direction. If you are a FULL TIME musician, I do t mind if my project is your SiDE project. As long as you are there when I need you, it would be my privilege. If you would Seriously like to be in a band led by a female, and live in the DC area, please contact me. I would benefit greatly from having 1 of my band members be a real gig veteran, as I am not. Otherwise, if you just have a great personality and artistic flow, and play well, I'm sure we will get along great. Ill come back later with more about my taste / preferences.
I know a good drummer in that area. I'll send her an email and see how busy she is.
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