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Sounds awesome man. I haven't really worked with this particular type of style, but it sounds really solid. Only thing I'd consider is adding a bit more resonance, in the form of a very light reverb over the whole mix. Otherwise can't really criticize anything. Thanks a lot for the comment on my thread. Cheers.
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Solid. Good solo at end too. Tastefully done. I was really looking for something to suggest an area for improvement, but not really coming up with anything. At most, maybe it could be shorter, but I'm not even sure about that.
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Damn, that bass is awesome! 1:23 is ****ing kick ass, it sounds like a metal Hendrix riff haha. Loving the combination of rhythm and lead playing, and how heavy that riff was when it crashed in. Mixing is spot on, really couldn't fault it much at all. Vocals are really nice to listen to as well. 3:03 is a ****ing TASTY riff. Good lord, you could end wars with that. The drums pace it nicely too, they're really well done for that bit. Solo was spot on, that's some insane shredding right there. It just keeps going haha! Ending was a tiny bit abrupt but no worries.

Really enjoyed that dude

Could I have some feedback on this please?
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Hahah thanks, appreciate the feedback guys. We really made sure everything was perfect, at least to our ears.
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Until the vocals started, the nice guitar intro reminded me of a Prince song. Vocals are good. Drums, bass, and guitar all sound quite good. Audio quality is quite good, though I might have tried to have the volume a bit more consistent. Song itself is good. Nice guitar playing! Please review my music at this link:
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thanks for the feedback! left a comment on ur link aaron.
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Not a bad take on blues to metal. The song itself was fun. The mix was clear enough to me, though the guitars sounded slightly higher than I might have had them. Otherwise, not bad.
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Starts off pretty sweet, was not expecting the 6/8 timing very nice little surprise :P Vocals are pretty good, could use a bit of work here n there, I think some cleaner vocals at some parts could bring a cool dynamic and then rip it on the chorus, but I like the whole sound of everything, it's very relaxed and rocking! Guitar lyrics and riffs are very tasty, good solid bass and drum section, keeping everything glued together. Woah, I like this breakdown section just what the song needed! Gets people pumping at the end, fkn rockin tune dudes!