This cat's a seriously insane player. One of the best younger guys out there, got some insane chops and easily one of the best concept albums I've ever heard ("Gladwell"). Anyone ever hear of him?

Here's one of his tunes, in a trio complete with a body percussionist

And on Autumn Leaves

He's actually coming to do a performance at my school in February. I'm ****ing pumped.
He graduated from my school a few years ago, so, as you can imagine, there's been a HUGE amount of hype around him lately (not that he doesn't deserve it). Dude is pretty amazing. I gotta admit I don't necessarily dig all of his music, but he's incredibly talented. And he's only 24! Also, his restraint is remarkable. His chops are so ridiculous but he saves them for when the music needs it. Probably the next "big" jazz guitarist - I'll bet that in maybe 10 years (maybe even less), he'll have the stature of Frisell, Scofield, Metheny, etc.