I tried posting in the which pups thread but got no responses so I am gonna post it here

I have a bunch of questions

The current guitar I have is a fender starcaster (Please don't remind me that its crappy, I already know that) that has stock pickups in it. I am running it through a fender mustang two amp. I play music from bands like switchfoot, skillet, red hot chili peppers, the offspring, green day and stuff

What I want to know is will squire vintage modified or classic vibe pickups improve the tone on my guitar? Is there any better pickups that used on ebay run fairly inexpensive? the reason I asked about the squire pickups is because their only 20$ apiece on ebay, and I don't really have more than that to spend. Also would it matter if I only replaced the bridge and neck pups and left the middle one stock? I really like the noisy raw sound that single coils have but I was wondering if humbuckers would sound good for what I play.

Also Will duo sonic pups work in a start and would it sound good with one or two?

Thanks guys
They'll work, but they might not fit, I'm not sure of the exact dimensions. Although if I was you, I'd get some pickups from Guitarfetish. They'll be better than Squier ones (although I have played that Squier and it's not bad) and they'll be similarly priced probably.

However, and I don't like doing this because it's not what you asked, but I would pass on new pickups and just save for a new guitar. Any increase in tone on that thing would be minute.