Hi guys, I own a jackson Randy Rhodes 5 (RR5)
White with gold hardware. However, the metal has little dirt? weird marks on it which are not scratches, or dents, its some sort of build up that wont go away with vigorous rubbing of pure rage.
How can I make the pickguard and plates shiny enough to blind everyone in the room without wet sanding, steel wooling or rechroming as I would like to keep the gold colour.
rub wd40 with a clean cloth on the metal hardware. worked like magic for me
You cannot prevent the gold hardware from flaking off with use, but a good clean with a good solvent like brake cleaner (which leaves nothing behind as it evaporates) is ideal for cleaning metals.
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Yeah, that's the gold wearing off the hardware, you can't do anything about that. There's something very similar going on with my S470 right now; it originally had a darker chromed finish on it but where I palm-mute all the time it's worn right through the darker finish and in a couple of places it's wearing through the normal coloured chrome underneath as well.
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As TooDeep said, I'd go with a light brake cleaner. I usually stay away from WD40. After it dries up it really invites crud.