As a Belgian my mother language is dutch.
My English is fairly good for being a Belgian.
Most adjectives related to guitars and music are not a problem for me.
But I'd like to get a clear explanation so i get them a 100 percent.

So can you define the following acoustic guitar tones for me?



A message by coldplay.

The acoustic sounds in the video and the song are both beautifull to me, howver I know they're different...

So what one is rather bright,crisp,warm,balanced,etc?

Appreciate your help
Here are some quick objective definitions for bright and warm

Warm means the fundamental is highlighted
Bright means the higher overtones are highlighted
Balanced can mean a lot of different things, perhaps between bright and warm
Crisp isn't something I am familiar with.
The coldplay song is brighter, and more crisp. Its crisp mostly because there is more attack in each strum. The individual beats are more distinct. But really when I think of crisp it goes along with being bright, lots of high end, but also picking individual notes instead of chords, and having them all be really distinct, both with pitch and rhythm. Really clear.

The video is warmer, but I think of a blues tone as being a better definition of warm. Warm sounds have a lot of midrange, both upper mid and lower mid. And balanced sounds just have an equal amount of low, mid, and high. I'd say the video is pretty balanced, but a little on the warmer side. Hope you find this somewhat helpful.
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Yes, definately sorted things out, thanks
But what is it what makes the tone differences?

Because I know that coldplay was rcorded on a gibson j200, very big jumbo guitar, and some people say that the gibson is warmer in overall...
While the vid was a martin, and some say dreads are brighter?...
The problem is no words have been invented to easily describe many tonal characteristics, so words normally used to describe non-sound things are borrowed. The problem is these words can mean a little different things to different people.