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Hey guys,

Anyone got some cheap DIY guitar cleaning tips? Don't want to pay $15 for some lemon oil ala Dunlop.

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The Dunlop bottles will last you at least a year a piece.
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Quote by Offworld92

The Dunlop bottles will last you at least a year a piece.

Agreed. That is stupidism for trying to save 15$ from neck cleaning...
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I've had my oils for two years. Totally worth the 20$ for the cleaning kit!!
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you should really buy the lemon oil from Dunlop, it's worth. i got my bottle in february 2010 and it's still 85% full, i always clean the neck with it when i change my strings and i change them nearly every month
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I would much sooner use Naptha to clean the fretboard and mineral oil to condition it, but that's only because I already have those things. For someone who's not going to use that stuff for other things, then it's not really a worthwhile investment. However, if you already have a zippo lighter and some baby oil lying around, it's the same thing.
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Lemon oil is mineral oil with lemon scent, baby oil is also fragranced mineral oil. Mineral oil is all you need, but baby/lemon oil do the same.