What is considered high action? I've had tendonitis and for some reason high action seems to be better for this....maybe it corrects something in my technique! No idea really! I currently have my action at 5mm that's 0.5cm or 3/16" on the bass and 4.2mm on the treble. Is this high? I have .11s on my guitar and I find it plays very nicely for lead and for some reason heavier strings and higher action seem to help my wrist! Anyway back to the point! Is this high action?
I personally try to go for about 1.5mm or less. 2mm is playable, but I definitely consider that too be too high for my tastes.
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I personally try to go for about 1.5mm or less. 2mm is playable, but I definitely consider that too be too high for my tastes.

Is that from the fret wire or the fretboard? I'm at ~2mm from the fretboard and the strings are about a hair off of touching the fret wire.

EDIT: I found out action is measured from the top of the fret to the string, so I have mine below 2mm.
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4,5mm at 12th fret from the top of fretwire to string itself.

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4.5 is really high. Mine is around 1.7, my pick will just fit in there. Anything above 2 is slow as hell, but tone wise it can have way better dynamics.
That would be very high for me, I play at 2mm.
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i love having sub 1.5mm action
Anything over 1.5 on the bass side @12th would be a bit higher than ideal for me.
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i love having sub 1.5mm action

+1. All (10?) of my guitars have around 1.5mm high

My only regret with it is that I can't do slide, and I get the urge to play slide with an eBow a lot
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I have about 3mm on my jumbo fret guitars and 2mm on my vintage fret ones. Any lower and i find that notes lose their clarity and depth.
I have about 2mm on my guitars. Any lower and I think it doesn't sound as good.
Yes that's definitely high..

Like most of the folks, mine is about 1.5mm.. 2to3mm would be medium.. yours is slide guitar territory
My action is relatively high and also find it easier to play. I think of it as like how a trampoline works.
In my opinion, 'high' action is whatever action you consider to be unplayable (assuming you're only adjusting action for yourself).
If you work as a guitar tech then obviously you'd be better off following the advice of what everyone else has said so far.
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I think of it as like how a trampoline works.
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I notice most folks seem to have their action pretty low. I find high action doesn't make me play any slower(wasn't that fast to begin with)the only things I struggle with is rolling a finger from say the 5th string to the 6th and I have to press pretty hard for any e barres in the first two frets but that's probably the heavy strings! I believe SRV had his action somewhere around here, I remember reading that his tech took his action up as far as it would go on his strat. I did this on my strat copy and this is the action I got. And yes....I does work very well for slide guitar but I also find bends to be easier like this.