I've lurked in here for a while, but I finally get to do a small build thread. I decided to get my feet wet with gear building, so I bought myself an Overdrive Kit from ModKitsDIY, as it seemed pretty simple and... well, I needed an overdrive pedal lol.

Package in the mail?

All the components are packaged in the chassis, and the instructions are necessary (at least for me at this point in the game).

For some reason they instruct you to screw in the terminal strip before soldering all the components on... seems like an odd thing to do (other than making sure all the components fit properly, I guess).

Behold, amateur soldering skills!

My camera battery ran out of juice and I didn't want to stop to charge it, so now we jump to the completed soldered innards.

I had sharpied on some words, but apparently I rubbed them off during the assembly. Ah well.

I found a battery and did a quick test, and everything works flawlessly! I'm pretty happy with the end result, so it looks like I'll be doing a few more of these. I might try the tube pedal kit next...
My favorite part was the sharpe lol, but the sound is all that matters.
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