Hey, I think you can answer me a question, I wanna buy a guitar, and I've got 2 options, first, is LTD M-100FM, and the other is Schecter OMEN 6 (This one with EMG's 81-85). Which one do you think I should buy?
I really don't care about the tremolo, so the Floyd Rose on the LTD isn't for me a PRO, nor a CON.
Or you think I might consider another option by this range (US$300- US$400)

Preferences: Solid body guitar, low action neck, fixed bridge(optional)

Pick ups: Double hambuckers, or both hambuckers with a single coil.

Location: Bogotá- Colombia.

Current gear: Squier® Bulletstrat Laney amp (65 W), and a Boss pedal DS1.

Fav artist: Jacky Vincent, Alexia Rodriguez, Jason Hale, Matt Good, Ben Bruce...
Actually, I play tons of Post-Hardcore, so that's why I'm looking for.
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Omen-6 models come with EMGs? Weird.

Anyway, if that's just a basic Omen 6 that happens to have EMGs, you shouldn't pay 400 bucks for it. Omen-6 (I think) is the low-end Schecter baseline model. I bought one for like 100 bucks. That LTD also sounds expensive for the model number.

Go used. As for recommendations, give us some idea what you want to play, what artists you like, any gear you have, etc etc. If you have patience and $400, you might even be able to get a used deluxe-line LTD. I did. I'm going to assume you like metal based on your guitar options presented, so check out ibanez, heartfield and maybe even BC Rich in that price range. (Used you can get some decent BC Rich guitars for around 400 dollars, and they don't suck.)
What kind of tone are you looking for, used or new? If its your first guitar its better to avoid the floyd.
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You can do much, much better than either if you're willing to go used. I wouldn't recommend either of those... but if it was absolutely down to those two, the Schecter by far wins, solely because it has real EMGs. Otherwise they're both equally meh. If they happen to have good fretwork, they can be solid guitars, but the neck heel on both is awful.
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Quote by Offworld92
The neck heel on both is awful.

You're not kidding. The Omen-6 probably the worst neck heel I've ever played.

You could probably find something like this in your price range. It seems to have all the things you want. I don't know what guitar prices are like in your area, though. You might want to see what's available in your local area and decide based on what's there, sounds/plays good to you and what fits your needs best.

Oh, and if you have a preference for the body style, that's another thing to look at. No point buying a superstrat if you really want an LP with dual humbuckers.
I use a ESP LTD Viper 100-FM which has 2 ESP LH-150 Humbuckers. I play that through a Digitech RP-50 and a modified Fender Frontman 25R which has a Eminence Rajun Cajun 10" Speaker. Talk about some serious tone ? I got it right there ! The Viper is only $250.00 and is IMO, definately worth the price.