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Arahan - VRITRA

Just finished up this track, put a lot of work into it. Would love to hear some feedback! I'll also take a look at anything you want to send my way.

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Excellent track fella.

I was going to ask what you used for the drums. Where did you get the Steven Slate Refill and was it free?

I'm using Reason drum kits 2 (along with Reason 6.5) but wouldn't mind trying out something else.
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This is awesome! You can tell you put a lot of work into it. The guitar playing is excellent, really technical. Would like to hear it with vocals. One thing I would change is turn up the drums, the snare and kick are getting drowned out. I love the addition of the weird instruments. It keeps thing interesting, i might have to buy that Reason program.

Here's my song:
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I really liked the song man! Great job with the recording! It is a tad quiet however it was still good. All the playing was tight. The leads were pretty cool throughout, i enjoyed it, great job!
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Great track, turn up that guitar though! And personally, I would lose the sweeps, I think they just come across as noise, not just your track but almost always. The track has great melodies which I think the sweeps just compromise a bit. Not criticising though the tracks awesome.

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I personally love the sweeps and actually all the guitar parts! You have excellent guitar skills!

My own suggestion is though, is that maybe the DRUMS need turned up a tad... not really the symbols, but more like the kick and the snare (just a tad, they sound a bit hidden in all the symbols and guitars and effects).. otherwise, this is rather damn sick man...
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Well this is one epic track. Is that tabla I hear in the intro? And what did you do for the cleans?

Only criticism I can think of is that the mix has a wee bit too much bass, the chugs kind of flub out and become indistinct at times. And agree with above posters about the kick, needs to cut in.

Impeccable sweeping btw.
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That intro! Love it. Ever heard of the HAARP Machine? I feel like you'd really like them; this track sounds like it falls somewhere between them and The Faceless.

I feel like the drums could have a little more presence, they seem to be muffled a bit.

Love that quiet middle section! Gives a really nice atmosphere.
The riffing around and all over the 4 minute section is freaking sweet, stellar playing!

What pickups are you using? They have ridiculous clarity, it gives the chords on the outro so much depth.

Overall I'd just say crank the drums up a bit and try to get a bit more clarity out of them, but the guitar production is pretty much flawless, good work!
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This is great, I think your bass drum is just right, it's not all clicky and artificial sounding like with most metal bass drums. The snare could be a bit higher in the mix though, you could just take a cut out of the guitars so the snare punches through more. Love the atmoshphere and the weird sounds, makes for a memorable song. What are Steven Slate drums, are they some kind of samples? They sound great anyway I may have to look into them. I love the parts with the crazy riffing like 1:30 and 6:30, they act as a great counterbalance to the more atmospheric parts. Well structured song too, never gets boring.

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I love this. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire song. The mixing is top notch and the instrumentation at the beginning really grabbed my interest. Would love to hear the final product with vocals.

What did you use for the dulcimer and flute? Samples or actual recording? Brilliant in either case.

Gotta say, this makes me want Slate drums even more. For crushingmetal, they're a set of drum samples just like Superior Drummer. They've gotten quite a bit of praise, and it's pretty easy to see (hear?) why based on this track.

Anyway, extreme quality track. Please keep it coming!
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Thanks for the crit! I apologize for taking so long to respond! I really love the intro. Sick riffing also. The sweeps sound awesome. The only thing I don't really like is the sub drops, they don't seem to have enough low end. Particularly the one around 5:05. But that could just be my sub :P Good song overall!
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Dude, I ****ing love this man! Great job! Like others have said the mix is a bit rough but it's not bad by any means. Guitars and drums need the most work and are too far back in the mix. Bring them a bit forward. Anyway, it really reminds me of Indukti. Check them out if you haven't.
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