So the Vox AC15 is the first tube amp I've ever owned so I'm hoping the solution is something really obvious that I'm missing. My problem is this:
I want to get some natural distortion out of the amplifier... nothing crazy... and for the most part I'm usually successful... however it only sounds good when I'm not standing directly in front of it. In fact, it usually sounds VERY good when It's not pointed at me, but when it is, it's incredibly shrill and ear piercing. I've been very frustrated and at my wits end trying to get it to sound consistent. I'm afraid that it's going to sound awful to anyone in the crowd who happens to be standing in front of it. Does anyone have a solution? I should mention that it sits on a stand angled upward. This is the guitar I play [forbidden link]

Please, for the love of god, if anyone has any input I'd be incredibly greatful.
EQ some treble out, or add some bass.

Also: It might be that this ear piercing loudness has to do with the room you are in, try the amp with the same settings outside.

Also nr2: When playing live you have a group of humans standing there, every single one of them absorbs a lot of treble sound (except if an iron terminator is checking you out) so you hear less treble live.
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Oh that's really interesting. Another concern I had was that such an unpleasant sound would somehow be bad for it. Is it safe to just sort of point it away from people when I play it? Because it does actually sound really really good when it's not pointed at anything.
what speaker is in it? a speaker that is less icepicky might be the answer
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Hmm, It's just the stock speaker. I also just read about this mod that involves snipping the bright cap. Anyone have any experience with that?
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what speaker is in it? a speaker that is less icepicky might be the answer

+1. or even break in the stock one if it's not broken-in already.

or you could even try weber beam blockers or something like that (never tried them, no idea how good they are).
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haha yeah. I've been searching high and low for answers although I think I'm going to attempt the bright cap mod tomorrow.
How old is it? That sounds very much like an unbroken in speaker. A little mod that helps is to put like 5-10 layers of duct tape on the grille directly over the center of the cone of the speaker. Use gaffers/painters tape for the first layer so it comes off easily. It won't be a huge difference, but it will cut down on some of the 'beaminess' of the treble.
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try putting tape on the grill near the center of the cone. acts as a diffuser.
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