I use to be a big fan of Adobe Premiere and back in the day did a lot of editing.

I am using Cubase to do the same, this time with sound.

I am recording my guitar (metal style) using M-audio fast track.

I have found two quick riffs I really like. They differ only in that I use the lower fret board and the middle. I want to cut them together. So I have prepared the two clips and would like to loop them. I can do this by cutting and pasting them together over and over again.

However when I cut the two clips and place them together I can always hear an audible cut between them. Like it is obvious they where not played together but at different times and then cut and pasted together.

How can I improve the transition?
Is it just a case of...

- Playing guitar better?
- Doing something in Cubase to make the transition more nice?
- Cutting the clips better?
- Overlapping the clips slightly?
- Fading the end of one out a little and fading in a little with the new track?

The truth is I have no clue how this is actually done in real life. I understanding editing video but not sound in this sort of way.

BTW - the two clips where played like 20 seconds apart from each other. No changes made to my amp settings or guitar settings. Just played at different times.

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards
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Crossfade the clips. Thats how the pros do it (or so I've heard). I'm not sure how to do it in Cubase (Eww) but it should be fairly simple.
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Check out the thread below. There are two different techniques to get rid of the audible sound between them.


as a note, the sound between them is from either too much space or from not cutting at a zero crossing. the two methods should help with either of them.
play them some times in one recording and then cut a piece out of the middle and loop that, if you're on time you shouldn't hear any clipping. if you do, your playing isn't on time enough.
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