i just saw this thing for the first time ever. And i think its the coolest thing ever for a bass. but how exactly does it work? i know that they have a wireless and wired option, (and i would go for wired as i dont have the money right now) but how exactly does it work. im looking at this in particular


if anybody knows anything about these, is this a good one, or do i get a more expensive option?
I just recently got the hot hand three its quite fun. I use it in the studio a lot for some edm project and a bit with my band. That is a older model with only works with other source audio pedals, the hot hand three you can use with third party pedals without have to buy a pedal from SA to allow you to do that. Also you need pedals with a expression input, so be aware of that. The ring is used for modulation like a mod wheel on a synth but it has more than just one axis. There are a lot of nice demo videos on youtube that show you somethimgs you can do with it.

Edit: demo video

But this is the reason is got it because a friend and I are working on a improv electronic band so I can do stuff like this
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No you cant. You need pedals with a expression input to connect it like the boos bass synth five. The hot hand is like a wah pedal on roids that you use your hand to controll. There is no input on the hot hand only a output that you connect to the expression input on your pedal
Can the hot hand be used with multi effect pedals?
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The new version the hot hand 3 you can use with any pedal that has a expression input along with your usual instrument in and out. The older versions are mainly for source audio pedals but you can buy another pedal to be able to us it with third party pedals
So will it split signals to all of my Expression inputs on all of my Boss Pedals all at once?

This looks like a spotlight toy.
You can get a pedal that can send the expression from the hot hand to more than one expression inputs but it normally just goes into one. It is quite a novelty toy, I mainly got it for making some electronic music but I do use it a little bit in my band so its definitely usefull