Hello everybody!

I have found in a bin a GFX-8. Of course, when I tried it, it turned out it was out of order.

Since I have a electronic background, I thought "well, let's try to fix it", and I opened the device. Despite the very strong case, the main board is cracked on a few inches, and the tracks are sometimes cut.

I will take my time and repair all the tracks, but I would need pictures to be sure of what I am doing. Can anyone provide me such photos ?

There is also a single black wire leaving the CN3A connector, soldered on the bottom side of the board on the number 2 of the connector. This connector is on the right of the board when you look at the board with the display facing you on the upper left. I also need to know where this very wire is going.

I would be very grateful for any help you can provide me.

Thanks in advance.


PS: sorry if my message is hard to understand. I am French, and I don't know all the specific words. Don't hesitate to ask if you need details.
I'll try in the Gear Building and Customizing first. Then, if no answer, email to Zoom (last little hope).