Hi, im looking into getting a line 6 dt25 head + a cab. The most obvius cab to get is the dt25 cab, but since its smaller, and i may buy a normal sized head in the future, i want a big (normal size) cab. Can i just buy any cab i want, or is it tings like ohms, wattage speakers that i need to be sure about before i buy? What could be some good cabs for it in the 200-300 $ range?
As long as you match the ohms of the head to the cab you can use what ever cab you like
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Make sure the watts are at least as much as the amp (25w I'm guessing?)

Should NOT be a problem And yes match the Ohms exactly. I am assuming the DT has line outs for 4, 8 and 16?

I see you are in Norway and play mostly metal. I'd look for a used Marshall or Orange 212 closed back cab.
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All cabs should be rated. If there are 2 or more speakers then it depends on how it is wired.

For Example:
2 - 8 ohm speakers wired in Series would give you 16 total.
2 - 8 ohm speakers wired in Parallel would give you 4 total.

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Is this a good cab in my situation? http://www.gitarhuset.no/product/gitar-bassforsterkere/budda/til-el-gitar/3003577/budda-1-x-12-closed-back What bothers me, is that it only has 60 watt, so i cant use a 80 w head with it right?
orange cabs are expensive, on the used market they go cheaper. in the US we have avatar, and they make orange spec clones. maybe someone and europe can recommend a budget model.

preferably at 60 watt rated cab wouldn't be ideal for a 80 watt rated amp, but these are nominal ratings. nominal ratings don't reflect 'tolerable ratings'. for example: most likely you are not gonna run your amp at the full 80 watt output, also a nominal 60 watt rated speaker will actually handle more than 60 watts without failure.

i hate actually recommending equipment that doesn't meet nominal spec, but personally i wouldn't have any qualms about running a 60 watt speaker with an 80 ohm amp. that is me though, i know how i play and i know what to expect of my gear. if you wanna play it safe then get a cabinet rated for at least 60 watts.
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