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These vocaroo recordings sound exactly like someone whos just been told their voice is deep. So then when they talk, they subconsciously try lowering it.

Nah, I just use my throat weirdly when I talk.

The way I talk actually hurts my voice after a while
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You look like a young Eugene Levy, but with a moustache.

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Kicking a man when he's down, I'm proud of you

When they're down is the safest time.

Sharks Stanley Cup 15-16
Sharks Stanley Cup 16-17,,,,?
I'll have to check in the morning when my brother's not sleeping, was actually talking about this with a girl earlier. Her dad told her he feels like a little girl whenever I come over because my voice is so deep, I don't think it's nearly that deep though lol. She also said no one at work expected me to talk like I do.
sunbather is shit
Pretty sure I'm a bass/baritone in my normal talking voice.
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I put a ton of my capital into SW Airlines... The next day, THE NEXT DAY these nutters fly into the WTC. What the hell? Apparently no one wanted to fly anymore, and I was like "What gives? God damnit Osama, let me win a fuggin' game!"
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This is true.


Dude, I can hear a hint of Microsoft Sam in your voice !

Here is my voice. Singing my voice is more baritone/tenorish sounding. I'm an enigma so it's hard to say .
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Well, you might make her think otherwise.

You could just show her that you have a PS3 and BANG.


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A chainsaw can take a girl off her feet pretty nicely. Then there are less limbs to worry about while you rape her.