Hey guys

I just bought myself an Akai MPD26 for use with Reaper and Superior Drummer, my plan is to be able to think of some beats up on the MPD26 and record them into Reaper. I'm connecting it to a PC with a USB cable.

My PC is running Windows 7, has a quad core i7-860 @ 2.8Ghz and 6GB of RAM. However they are tiny latency issues. This only occurs when I run it in Reaper, when I run the toontrack solo so just superior drummer on it's own I dont believe there's any lag.

I have reduced the buffer settings within Reaper which reduced the lag but not entirely.

Any ideas?

This is really bugging me.
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This issue comes down to your soundcard. see if there are any updated drivers for it, Buffer setting is the correct way to reduce the lag, keep lowering until the soundcard / driver can't cope. I don't have Win 7 so i'm unsure about Asio.. but Asio4all works wonders for this problem under my dated XP pro.