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By the way if you aren't sure the value of something I've found the best way to check is to look at the completed listings on ebay. This will show you what people are really paying for things.

This is partially true, though it seems that eBay represents the higher tag on used instruments. I usually price gear or offer gear at 20% less than the average sale price on eBay, as I'm not paying/buying the overhead cost of listing or shipping if that's involved. eBay is the last resort for me with used gear, as it usually represents someone trying to make money, not just someone unloading gear to pay bills. Unless I'm buying from a dealer doing a blowout of new gear on eBay, I tend to steer clear of that market. I will say that eBay can be good for knockoff parts as cheap replacements for the real deal (tuners, pick guards, knobs, etc.)
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Gah it just happened again!

This time the guitar was a Fender American Strat Special. This would have been my first Fender.

Anyway the guy said he was going to be travelling my way so he'd just stop by my house. He was an hour and a half late.

And the guitar he pictured on CL was not the one he brought. The one in the pic was sparkling and still had the plastic over the pickups. The one he brought was rusty everywhere...screws, pickups (I am not experienced enough to know if this is a huge issue or not) and I asked him how it got like that. His excuse was that the guitar was three years old! It also had a lot of scratches and I saw stripped screws on the trem. It seemed to play ok but it just did not seem worth the price he was asking, though he claimed the issues I saw "would not affect the value."

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^ I have an old 90's Series 10 with no rust or anything on it, wtf three years haha.

What I want to know is why are there so many strats up on ebay/craigslist missing the back trem cover? People just unscrew those and throw them away?
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^ I have an old 90's Series 10 with no rust or anything on it, wtf three years haha.

What I want to know is why are there so many strats up on ebay/craigslist missing the back trem cover? People just unscrew those and throw them away?

Yeah ALL my guitars are older than that and none have any cosmetic issues like that.

I didn't mention it but this one was missing the back cover too. Seems like a lot of Strat players remove it because they think it improves the tone. Fine if that's what you want to do but I don't think it looks good for resale.
Only had 1 dealing on Craigslist,it was a trade for a PRS. I traded a MIM Blacktop Jazzmaster and $400 for a PRS Starla that had the bigsby removed and Planet Waves locking tuners installed
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I love Craigslist. I got my first two guitars on there. My first one I met a guy in the Wal-Mart parking lot and checked out a Les Paul Jr. I thought it was awesome. He was an ass and I overpaid but he did throw in a nice gig bag. A couple years later I got a basically new Fender CD-60 from a really old man for $70. It plays like a dream and looks great. He was super cool and we chilled for a bit and when I told him I was into the blues he found a really old Arlen Roth slide guitar book and gave it to me for nothing and showed me a few licks. It was the coolest guitar buying experience of my life.

I've also met a few weirdos on there when I was looking for an amp. Nobody that seemed dangerous, just really eccentric. I've also bought 2 cars on there, sold one and traded an old tube checker for a chainsaw. That dude was a freak but it was in a public place we made the deal
I haven't met anyone scary, mostly just college kids and aging rocker types...I live in Boston so lots of people like that around.
I've made a killing on craigslist.

The best deal I got was I traded a Digi 002 for

2.Akai mp36
3.Akai mini keyboard
4.M-audio M-box 2
5.Turn tables
There was other stuff I can't remember but I only paid $400 for the Digi (3 years ago) and sold everything from the trade for $1,200

Too bad I had to use all of it to pay bills

I'm also sitting on an Ibanez 320fm that I got for $50 in pretty good condition.
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I have had pretty bad luck trying to sell stuff on CL. About a year ago, I put up about 10 guitars on CL. They were all low end guitars, that I was asking $50-150 for (which I thought were good prices because it was about 20% lower than local pawn shops). I had so many people calling and asking me if I would cut my price in half. I'm sorry, a name brand working electric is worth more than $25. I also found that I would wait around all day for a guy, but he would never show up or call. I have also learned several things from buying off CL.

1. bring an amp with me to test the guitar.

I got to a guys house and the selector switch didn't work, which he didn't tell me till I got my amp out of the car. I still got the guitar, but I talked him down because of it. (selector switches are easy to replace)

2. Try all the features of anything you buy

3. talk to people on the phone, not just over e-mail/ text.

4. Only buy name brands

Cheap stuff, even if it sounds as good as a squire or epiphone, is really hard to resell.

3. Don't trust anything anyone on CL tells you.

Everyone seems to have some sort of story about how they need rent. Some of them could be true, but not most.

There are definately deals out there on CL, but be careful!
I haven't had much luck trying to sell guitars on CL...I end up mostly getting a ton of ridiculous low-ball offers. If I want to sell something I'll just do it on eBay.

I've even flipped a few guitars recently. Bought on CL, sold on ebay.

Dean Vendetta "styrofoam guitar" bought for $60, sold for $120.
Epiphone LP Studio, bought for $210 and sold for $300.

Definitely avoid Strat copies, hard to sell and no one wants them. I got a Peavy Raptor for $50 with and amp and in the end only made about $10 off it even though I did a ton of work on it.

It's hard to get stuff priced this low though...they usually go very fast.
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I use a similar service in Canada called Kijiji, Had a deal a few weeks ago that was shaping up to be sketchy but turned out alright in the end, Go to guys place to check out an amp, spend 10 or 15 mins trying out the amp then the guy spends 45 mins looking for the footswitch, I was starting to doubt the deal when he finally found it,

Sold my old truck, had 10 or 15 emails and a few phone calls in the first 2 hours it was listed, Had 3 or 4 people say they'll be out to have a look, And nobody shows up, fielded dozens of phone calls and emails for about a week, before someone actually showed up to look at the truck

My wife was looking for a new dishwasher, she makes a deal and we drive about 30 mins from home to pick it up, about 5 mins from the address the guy calls to tell us he just sold it, In his emails He never once mentioned their was another possible deal even after we mentioned that it was at least a 30 min drive for us. I was alittle angry after that one. I would have at least liked a heads up that someone else was looking at unit.

The thing with CL and Kijiji that kills me is the number of NO shows, for everything I've sold on there I bet I average 2 no shows before I actually sell and item, I had a guy email me a week after no showing to ask if I still had the item,
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I love Craigslist rants. I just posted one about people pricing instruments used for more than they're worth new. Sometimes it just has to be done. Though, in fairness, the potential buyer should have asked if it was a Squier or Fender.
I have never bought anything on it but I have sold a ton of stuff. I use it when I have things to sell that I don't want to ship.

A few months ago I was cleaning out the storage locker where I keep my extra gear. I had decided to liquidate all that stuff because a lot of it I don't use and I'm sick of paying to rent it.

I had listed a bunch of Mesa Boogie stuff and a few Matchless amps. I had a guy call me about one of the Boogie combos I was selling.

Right away when I talked to this guy I knew there would be problems as he was complaining about an amp repairman who I have used for years who had ripped him off. The guy in question is a no bs type of guy who does great work. Anyway, he comes to my house and tries the amp (and talks my ear off) for over two hours. He has a pair of shitty guitar cables and some pedal he has to use. At one point it starts crackling because of the cables and his cheapo guitar.

I get him a different guitar and cables. I had the amp listed for $800 and had come down to $750 on the phone. He starts complaining about the crackling, etc... and offers $700. I'm pissed but not surprised. I tell him I'll take $700 but if it breaks, he drops it or it won't turn on when he gets home it's his problem.

Over the next week the guy calls me so many times I have to put his number on block then he starts emailing. I tell him to enjoy the amp (which he loves) but I'm not interested in giving him lessons, hanging out with him or talking gear.

He then demands a refund on the broken amp. I could have fought him on it but sometimes people are such a headache it's not worth it. The amp weighs about 1000LBS (Mesa combos = heavy) and the guy claimed to have heart trouble. I had carried it out to his car (my house has a gate, two sets of outdoor stairs and a long driveway) he calls me when he's at my house and I make him bring it all the wa to the front door hand him his money and he says, "so, how are you liking the new _______ (guitar I had arrive while he was testing my amp)". I hand him his money and shut the door in his face.

The dude is still emailing me on occasion.

I have had a couple other idiots. One businessman type who came over after calling me and telling me he was "ready to buy". He came two days in a row on his lunch break loved the guitar and said he would come back on a third day to purchase. He then sent me an email asking me to join his TGP style band of old losers. When I told him no he backed out of the sale.

Also had a greasy denim man call me at 6am about a cab I was selling. It was beat and I put details in the ad along with pics. I told him on the phone as well. He showed up and was mad I only had Bassman and Dual Showman heads (he played a Bandmaster) and said he was looking for one in better condition. I told that a hole off because I was tired.

Many more, but with CL you save on fees and the PITA of shipping but you do deal with more idiots.
I haven't bought any guitars on CL, since all the ones I see are horrifically over-priced, or are crappy Wally World guitars. There's been a few over-priced amps I've looked at, but passed on.

I did, however, buy a 1982 Datsun 280ZX for $300. Drove her home. Had to push start her, as the starter was gone, but she walked away from my bro's car like it was sitting still.
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