There has to be a thread for this, but I did a few searches and couldn't find any. Sorry if there is one.

Why are not umlauts allowed on the site? You have a big user base in the scandinavian countries and all of our native artists' tab pages look like crap because of the restriction.

I don't think anyone besides us are interested in playing songs by eg Håkan Hellström. If you do a search for him with his real spelling, you get nothing. So you'd have to be aware that the site has this restriction in order to find him first. And while on his page there are songs like "Nu kan du f mig s ltt", "Nu kan du fa mig sa latt" and "Nu kan du fo mig so lett" instead of "Nu kan du få mig så lätt" (the real spelling). Messy.

My guess is that it's restricted because you think it would mess the search engine up, but surely there has to be away around that? As in; if you would search for "ö", it would recognize it as both "ö" and "o". Or do you just not want to 'de-americanize' the site?

A lot of us scandinavians are missing out!

it's just not in our priority right now because it's a massive load of work for a task that is not causing that many problems. just to give you an idea why it's so hard - we'd need to change charset for the entire database to support this feature. it's not a simple task.
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Ok. But do you think that you sometime in the future will change this?