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lol people do that?
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You're going to want something in the 300-450 dollar range at least for something worth hunting with.
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Bowhunting is awesome. It's much more personal, or something, than rifle hunting. Much better connection with nature, and I seem to see way more wildlife when I'm out bowhunting. I've got a Hoyt Maxxis that I really like, Hoyt makes a great compound bow if that's the way you want to go. Doing awesome stuff with carbon fiber now too, but those are more money than I want to spend.

I would recommend that you get very confident with whatever bow you get before you take it out. I'll only take shots out to about 30-40 yards and even then only if I have a great shot. I've only taken one deer with the bow at this point. Shooting at targets I'm pretty accurate out to around 80 yards (the bottom pin on my bowsight) but that's still too far for me to be confident shooting at an animal.
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