I saw that Dean does this with their VX so I wanted to do it to my guitar since my strap button is on the neck and I don't like it there.

Only problem is I don't know if there are buttons specially made for the bolts that go into a bolt on neck since they seem to be wider than regular strap screws.

Is there a certain kind i can get or would any strap buttons work?
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You will probably need a special strap button as well as a special (i.e. extra long) screw.

Whether you can find it or not is another questions. Try google.

EDIT: I'm not to sure that mounting it on the neck plate is a good idea though. I have an SG (bolt-on) that had i mounted that way, and the screw hole on the neck have largened because of the "strap screw" moving, making the whole neck lose.

So personally I think it is a bad idea. Mount it on the actual body instead, or just leave the strap button where it is.
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