Need some quick help please. A long time ago I made a project guitar and basically it is a Fender Starcaster with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails, grover tuners, and some other minor tweaks but i have now decided i want to do the same but with a higher quality guitar. The problem is, i love my pickups, however i can't find another guitar that uses single coil pickups that is not a fender. Nothing against Fender i'm just looking for a change.

Q: What guitars other than Fenders would be easy to throw in these single coil pickups? (I want a high quality guitar that is cheap simply because of pickups pref. neck thru, nice materials, ect.)

Ibanez has quite a few models that use Singles in the middle, a bunch of 90s guitars use singles in middle and neck...
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You can find 3 singlecoil guitars from a variety of makers besides Fender: Godin, G&L, Carvin, Fernandes, Malden, Tradition, Dillion USA, Dillion Canada, Licea, Swing, Burns, Vigier...

Just set yourself a budget and start surfing the net!
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