So I'm thinking for my next guitar (not necessarily soon) I'd like a strat, problem is I don't really know that much about them in terms of different models besides Squier/MIM/MIA. I've currently got a Bugera 333XL, Gibson SG and a couple of cheaper guitars (epi lp100 & ltd mh53). But I want that Strat sound. It's gotten worse since I had a dream that I bought one

Kind of strat tones I'm after: Frusciante (Blood Sugar & Californication), Hendrix, SRV, Gilmour, Knofler etc.

Budget probably max $1500 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS but closer to $1000 or cheaper would be much more preferable.

Is cheaper MIM worth it? Or what kind of MIA...American Standard? I have no idea.

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i love the new american model with the fat 50's pups.. with your budget i'd go for that one..
Yep, the new American Standards will help you achieve those sounds across the board fairly well.
i've got a MIM "classic player 60's strat" which sounds amazing!

i was gonna get a std MIM and throw texas specials in it for the SRV kinda tone but then i played the CP60's and it was better in terms of playability, sound, feel, and general quality.

check it out, even if just to say "tried it" because if you never try it, you'll never know...
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For $1000AUS you are probably looking at a MIM. Have you ever tried a G&L, the Tribute or S-500 should be within your price range. I have a friend who has a Tribute and an ASAT(tele style) both are very fun to play. I think his Tribute is made of swamp ash(don't quote me though). Have fun looking though, and try to play everything in your price range.
EDIT: yeah this guy ^ is right definitely check out the g&l models in your price range.

For fender specifically, try out an american deluxe or mim classic players.

If you're looking for a good deal on the cheap and not worried about it saying fender on the headstock go check out the squier classic vibe series, great quality for 3-400 dollars (that's USD though) Theres a classic vibe 60's model, and john uses real 60's strats so that could be a good starting point. I have the cv 50's tele and I plan on buying another classic vibe or vintage modified model in the future, probably the vm Jaguar.
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DUDE!! Everything above is pretty spot on, but also check out a FENDER 60s ROADWORN STRAT

As long as the artificial aging doesnt bother you, they go for about $800. The have top end electronics and TEX MEX pickups which will give you every one of those artist sounds with some tone knob tweaking.

The guitars are CRAZY light and resonant and finished in a thin nitro. Dont let the aging or Mexican make fool you. These guitars are ALL BUSINESS!
G&L is definitely worth a look- high-quality for a reasonable price.

Another company to check out would be Godin. I recently tried out a Velocity and a Progression...suh-weet!

(In fact, the Progression was this exact guitar: http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Used-USED-GODIN-PROGRESSION-SNBST-463-060912-107827843-i2564928.gc )

Personally, I find G&L and Godin are better guitars for the money. In part, this is because the Fender name commands a bit of a premium- they are a known quantity with 50+ year history as a Rock & Roll icon. Fenders also hold their resale value much better for the same reason.

Also, no knock on Fender's quality, but I never liked the way they felt in my hands.
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