I recently picked up a Lucero LCT-250CE acoustic/electric classical guitar - which has the battery for the preamp mounted on the back of the preamp *inside* the guitar body. The guitar itself sounds nice, and feels great to play (see my UG review).

Anyway, I was searching the web looking for easy ways to change / replace the battery in this thing, and found nothing helpful. So, I devised my own method of making the process easier, and I'm posting this to help others.

The problem: The battery is attached to the back of the preamp by a metal clip and connected to the preamp with a typical 9-volt snap-on connector that has very short wires. This makes changing the battery very VERY difficult. One has to slack or remove the strings and reach inside the guitar through the sound hole and manipulate the contraption with one hand.

My solution: An "extension cord" for the 9-volt snap-on connector. I went to Radio Shack and bought a bag of "9V Battery Snap Connectors" for $2.29, and connected two of them together (reversing the polarity by connecting red to black wires):

Once the "extension cord" is installed, changing the battery is simpler. You still have to slack the strings, and reach inside to unclip the battery, but you can now pull the battery out of the sound hole, replace with a fresh one, and then put it back in the clip.

I hope this helps other Lucero owners. Despite this terrible design idea, it's really a very nice $200 classical guitar.
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