Garageband and a Line 6 GX , I only started recording two days ago so i'm still trying to figure it out.
Agree with the clean intro. Sounds really rounded, and plain sweet.
I dont think the distortion parts have too much gain however, but it sounds kinda scooped? I can hear a lot of low end and a lot of extreme high end, but no real meat in the mids. What did you use for the tone?

As for the composition, its got some pretty cool riffing, I can almost imagine some LoG style double bass going along with it. Do you intend to upload a version with drums and bass?

EDIT: Just noticed your post. Try using LePou plugins. I dunno much about garage band, I guess it supports VST's? LePou's Lextac and Lecto VST's sound great. Give em a try.
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Yeah i cant get the guitars to sound bright if you know what i mean, they seem to sit behind everything else, hard to explain. I guess its just garageband, not exactly professional recording software.