hi there, maybe a stupid question but here we go:

i started out for many years just playing electric really, lead guitar etc. so i've got left hand pretty okay but for the last year or two have been really trying to work most of the time on my acoustic playing, particularly on fingerpicking and making simple chords interesting.

now i've got pretty okay at what i can do - the problem is that what i do is generally pretty standard travis picking. i do some work on spicing it up a little by doing little 'runs' with my pinky finger and that kind of thing but can't really shake the feeling that what i'm doing is playing a pattern rather than having a style developing of my own.

does anyone have any similar experiences or advice?
I think that's fairly common. As I mentioned in another thread, there are a number of things you can try to spice things up.
First, vary the pattern itself. Try shifting from that syncopated, T, M, I, T... Pattern to using pinches and arpeggios to add a little variation. Like, T, I, M, T, I, M... Then back to the syncopated pattern.
Throw in bass runs to change chords. Throw in ascending or descending single-note runs to do the same thing.. It's all in the timing.
Then, work on playing little chordal runs and turnarounds. I you look up some fingerstyle blues instructionals you'll find any number of little two or three-note shapes that you can use to go from one chord to the next.
Try Stefan Grossman's "GTRwrkshop" channel on YouTube; plenty of good stuff on there.....

Try playing the tune on either the bass strings with your thumb, or the upper strings with two or three fingers at the same time as your "travis pattern". You will find that you need to alter the pattern slightly to play the tune, whilst the rest of the pattern becomes the accompaniment.

Tunes played in D are a good thing to start with, as you will find that the tune will fit neatly within the existing chord shapes.... and you can also go up the neck easily too.

I use many different patterns... whatever goes with the song I'm doing... I don't think it would be good to just do the same thing over and over for every song... sure, the chords and tempo may vary, but it would still sound a little redundant if you ask me.

Try a unique pattern for each song you do.