Hey guys whats up. Me and my band are doing a Movember gig this Friday to raise some money for prostate cancer and others cancers aswell. Anyways we got asked to do the song Holy Diver by Dio (in light of the way he died and the impact he had...). Anyways I love Dio so no problem their and I know the main riffs, but the thing is that my bands vocalist can't hit that high so me and the drummer are just doing a jam around the song (so the rest of the band can get a break.) Anyways, I need some help writing some stuff as I dont play alot of hair metal (although its one of my fav genres) and im short on time. So im kind of looking for some classic hair metal solo licks that i can incorporate into my solo section (Id really like a two handed tapping one :P) Btw its in C minor (what type of minor is beyond me.) Also I am in a need to write some sort of clean style bridge for after the solo and i was thinking something like in the style of the old school metallica clean chords patterns, but i have nothing, so a nice simple clean picking riff would be great as well. Thanks guys.
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Not much time to get this all together. What if you played the song in a lower tuning to help the singer, or get the singer to re-arrange the high parts to things he can hit?
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