Ok so I've been playing for almost two years and just recently I've started to learn some scales but I have no clue what to do with them. I'm mostly interested in bluesy stuff so any songs advice or anything would be appriciated
This is a common problem. Unfortunately, practice is your only friend here. I've been in your shoes and know exactly what you're talking about. Try this:

Play a song you like, but don't even pick up the guitar. What we want to do is see how musically creative you are. While listening to the song, either in your head, or preferably out loud, try humming a lead line to the song. I don't want you to copy the lead lines or riffs from the song - I want you to create your own original version. Listen to yourself as you do this. Do the notes your humming sound interesting and pleasant?

Now, pick up the guitar and repeat the process. However, this time, I want you to keep the hummed melody short - we only need a few notes... 4 or 5 will suffice. If the musical "sentence" sounds interesting, find the first note on the guitar and repeat what you hummed. Were you able to do it? Now, figure out which scale it fits. Was it a major scale? Pentatonic? You've now begun the journey on learning how to apply those scales to music. You're going to find that most lead work follows scale intervals. This is a good thing, which will make your job easier.

Another trick you can try, depending on how fast you can play scales is this: Play a song, perhaps a slower one. Try to pick out the melody on your guitar. This is something I frequently do. It not only helps to build your ear, but it will also reveal interesting things about songs, while teaching you how to play lead.

Again, practice is your friend and this is going to take time. You won't learn to do it over night, or even in a week - but you will learn how to apply scales to songs. Something else I highly recommend is do a Google search on Free Practice Tracks. There are several sites offering free tracks. Practice tracks are songs, which are missing an instrument or vocals. In our case, we want them to be missing the lead guitar work. This allows YOU the opportunity to practice your chops and tighten your playing. You'll find versions of popular songs, as well as those you've never heard before.

Finally... Don't get pressed into only playing the scale patterns in one small area of the neck. Learn to apply the pattern all over the neck. Break out of the pattern and play the notes from that scale. Do you have the notes of the neck memorized? Surely you do. If so, you've already realized that this is the key to moving all around the neck.

Best of luck!
Wow thanks a million, now that I know where to start and what questions to ask myself, I'd better hop to it. Thanks again for helping me to break through this wall in accomplishing my guitar goals, I really appriciate it man!

Be good or good at it!