Hello everyone

Had something puzzle me for a long while now and I just cant seem to figure it out, basically the higher frets on my guitars B and e string don't make a really clear tone, they seem very blunt and have very low sustain on them, if I play them the note will be fairly quiet as opposed to lower frets which are pretty much perfect. Its hard to describe but they don't seem to have any 'power' to them, if that makes sense? I'm trying to set it up to be suited for metal and have that powerful feel but I just don't see what's wrong

Also doing things like tapping just doesn't seem to work, there's just no tone, if I even think about trying to tap just using my fingers, there will be almost no sound at all, I had to do it with the side of the pick and even then its nowhere close to what I want out of it

Something I'm doing wrong or something wrong with equipment?

Using standard tuning

Guitar: Ibanez rg350dx
Amp: Line 6 Spider IV 150w
Strings: Regular slink

Any responses would be much appreciated
FIrst off, you need a new amp.

Ok, now that that's out of the way....could be your technique, could be a high fret dampening your the string, could be that you need to adjust your pickup, could be something else.

Basically, it could be a lot of things, so you need to experiment.
Got a direction to point me in, in regards to amps?

Gonna do a re string, clean and pickup adjust in the mean time
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Quote by Karliah
Got a direction to point me in, in regards to amps?

Well, that was just kind of a joke. Anytime someone says they have a Spider, someone tells them to get a new amp. But there is truth to it, because Spiders are garbage, imo. But I can't say that will fix your problem, so don't get an amp for that reason, unless you can verify that is in fact the cause of it.

As far as amp recommendations go, I have no idea what is right for you, I don't even know what you play or how loud you play. So if you really do want a new amp, you should make a thread in the gear section AFTER reading the stickies.
Fair enough, I didn't think it was a fault in the amp in all honesty but always willing to look at upgrades, had the spider 8 months or so and it works alot better for me than my old marshall

Now that you mentioned pickup adjusting, just had a look and they did seem off, also the tremolo was pulled a bit too tight so that probably didn't help
When I used to use a Spider if I had any distortion at all my high notes would sound really digital.

Beep beep boop kinda thing

/Slightly off topic.
xD What do you use now?

Also any other advice/tips anyone can throw my way would be great
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it could be your guitar. the setup could not be letting the strings ring out due to uneven frets or something.

also,the more you shorten the string, then less vibration it has. it is very common that doing a bend really high up may not sounds as full or loud as doing a bend on the 5th fret for example. hence, lead boost.

but yeah, playing technique, guitar/setup, and in generally kicking it up a notch for going that high.

if your doing stuff all over the 24th fret or something players may be kicking on a boost pedals or something to add some gain or sustain (comp?) pick slightly harder or with more attack etc....

but regardless, having a good setup with teh guitar and very high quality gear it wont be much of an issue. good gear can really help this sort of thing.

bad guitar, with a bad amp setup etc, no sustain, bad technique - your your done.
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I'm going to look into getting a booster actually, never used one but I looked at the Boss FB-2 and it looks like I'll need it, got good reviews too so looks promising