Ive been using an apogee jam for a couple of weeks now and a love it. Ive been using it in Garageband and i like the cleans but when i want high gain settings garageband doesnt really deliver.
So i got myself GuitarRig 5 to be my guitar plug-in in garageband. But i cant get it to work! If i hook up the guitar to just guitarrig everything seems to work (tuner works, volume bars is jumping) but i cant hear myself? Is there a monitor button anywhere?

Problem number two.

In garageband, i cant select guitarrig as the input for my guitar channel. All i can choose is the jam or built in mic.

Please help!
1.I would guess that you have the wrong outputs selected, check your preferences in guitar rig and make sure you have the right output selected.

2.To use guitar rig with garageband, you need to open it as a VST plugin, not a standalone program. I don't have garageband so hopefully someone else can help you with that otherwise you should be able to find it on google.

P.S. for future reference, this would probably be more at home in the recordings forum.

EDIT: Just realised this is an iPod/iPad interface, and so this is probably iPod/iPad software. I don't think you can use Guitar Rig with Garageband in iOS.
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The thing is, i can't change output in guitarrig, it can pick up the jam, and everything is working except me hearing the sound from my guitar. I can tune it and everything so its works fine with guitarrig. There are several videos on youtube where they have this setup.

Anyone else?
Okay, is this for iPad, or for a Mac computer? if it's a computer then you can, not sure of the exact procedure on a Mac (I use windows) but for me I go File > Audio and MIDI settings > Routing > Outputs, then select the outputs I want. If there's several videos on youtube why not look one up on how to set it up?
Ive solved it! Had to fiddle in the effect channel of garageband. Thanks chatterbox272!