So heres something i finished a couple years back, finally decided to record it but i cant find my headphone jack for my toneport, so maybe at the weekend. anyhoo maybe you guys can check out the guitar pro/midi version, and maybe there are some improvements i can make before i get this thing recorded.

I did a quick play through today on camera, 1 take for distortion and 1 for clean, so obviously theres plenty mistakes due to me not playing guitar in a few years. anyhoo have a look at the video to get a bit of an idea of the sound.

Influenced: The Arusha Accord, Between The Buried And Me and Gorod

Video Link
Not sure about it. I appreciate the tech, but the harmonies dont gel well/dont have much impact. The slower/heavier section just felt random and out of place. Could do with bass too.

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Looking at the influences I'm excited.
Definitely reminds me of a slightly less spastic and more melodic Arusha Accord.
Good so far, liked the clean section.
It then takes a very BTBAM turn but it works well, decent riff.
The next clean section is nice and I love the slower heavy riff.
And the intro serves well as the outro.

Recording was also very good considering how you did it.

I would say it's maybe not particularly progressive in style but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Also here's the GP5 for anyone who wants it.

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I'd raise the tempo to 165. Sounds better.
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The way you used the time sigs made it very awkward. it didn't flow well when you added the 11/8 just for the sake of having a time sig change.
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I did have it at 170, when i wrote it, but as i say i havent been playing guitar in more than 2 years so I was making too many mistakes at that tempo, maybe a bit more practice before i record it and ill bump the tempo up a bit.

And yeah i know the time sig changes make it sound awkward, but I like that in music, and weird transitions to unexpected out of place riffs. I know its not to everyones taste so I take your opinions.
I agree with you on the time sig changes as an avid Arusha Accord fan. I could definitely see the influence.

I loved the clean sections but in the first the drums didn't sit right with me. They felt too awkwardly placed. I have to agree with Epi about the harmonies though. I think it might just be the overuse of them that detracts from them. Or you could try some more exotic harmonies to spice it up.

Yes a nice bass would do this wonders. You could even take influence from arusha more by using a slap bass.

I also liked it more at 165bpm.

Apart from that I loved it man.