Does anyone else ever have a good idea for a song, then after writing the first verse have problems continuing further?
Also does anyone have problems putting an idea into a chorus, without being too blatant clichéd or not at all 'catchy'?
Don't force anything. In the end, you can always go back and change it. The important thing is that you get your point across. I try and write the song all the way through, with all the parts. Then after that I go back and change anything I think needs improvement. Write something down, even if you think it sounds kind of dumb, as long as it gets your idea across
Yeah I know, forced things just sound, well forced hahah. I write things down as you say, always better to have the vague idea then you might find a better way to word it later!
Put random parts of a song together in random order.
If it sounds bad, repeat.
If it sounds good or has potential to sound good, gratz.
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All the time, everything i write. It's much easier for me to hit on something new, it's much more exciting and fulfilling. That's when i get that feeling of "wow, that's exactly how i feel, there's my soul and emotion in sound".

Then.. trying to finish it feels like work.. like real punch the timeclock type work lol.

I usually set them aside, but always go back to them. If they still grab me the same way they pull me right back in emotionally and expanding them is the same as coming up with something new.
Usually what I do is keep a notebook around me as I do my daily business. Like the fly, you can't come to the idea, the idea must come to you. And I'll tell you what it takes its dear sweet time doing so, and only when you aren't prepared to record it. Just stick a notepad in your pants, and when it comes to you, write it down. Even if it seems like a terrible idea now, it doesn't hurt to write it down.

Later when you sit down at home just take a look at your notepad. You'll be amazed how many good ideas just fall in your lap through the course of one day.