I was recently offered a Viper 300FM for $250. I originally thought it was a Viper 400. I see that the Viper 400s were discontinued, and apparently the 300 is to replace it. Doesn't a lower model number mean it's a cheaper guitar?

What I'm mainly concerned with is whether or not this is a good deal. Anyone have an idea?
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LTD numbering system is all over the place. There's a blog about it in my sig if you want to learn more.

In this particular case, if I remember correctly, they should be about the same. The 400 probably has a bit better hardware, but it's hard to tell without knowing what years they are.

A good rule of thumb is to get the older one - there's a very good chance it will be higher quality as far as the wood and finish is concerned. That's what really matters - everything else is replaceable.
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