Well I finally bought my first delay, i had played a few at guitar center and another local store and i think i got a pretty good one.

and here it is with the rest of my little rig

Alright so i got this used online for 150$ so it was a realitively good deal, and I am really satisfied with is. It definitely isnt true bypass because there is a noticeable hum when its plugged in, but im not too bothered by it since my tele hums anyway and it doesnt seem like a much more noticeable amount. Plus i intend on getting a decimator before i record or gig. It has 6 delay types, 2 of which being stereo, of which it has inputs and outputs for. Sound wise it sounds really good, good quality. Can emulate tape and analog delays well while being completely digital. It has 9 presets that are easily switchable and a tap tempo which can sync up to what you're playing. It has a lot of features and they all sound pretty good. My favorite feature is the reverse delay, although not very commonly used is a lot of fun to play around with. All in all im very satisfied with this and it will definitely satisfy my delay needs for a while.
Nice! I like playing around with the reverse and getting that cool John Meyer effect. HNDD!
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Taylor 414CE
Nice. I was looking at getting one of those when I decided on the carbon copy. How does the TC handle delay when you're using distortion?
When i use the big muff in front of it it handles it pretty well. Sounds a just little thin but thats from the delay and Im sure i can work around it with a little fiddling. I havent cranked my amp with it yet so im not sure how itll handle the distortion coming after the delay yet, but ill be sure to let you guys know tomorrow!
my only complaint is that the footswitches don't click, the just press in if you know what i mean. I guess im just so used to my mutron where you have to push it nice and hard.